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Winter's Reward ... Springtime Ramps and Mushrooms

Today was the opening of the 2018 Green City Market here in Chicago. It's been a long winter in the Midwest. The first part of March was teased with mild temperatures, but then we got smacked with another six weeks of snow and cold. I'm happy to report that my sore temper gave way this morning as the white tents of the farmers market came into view in Lincoln Park. In the foreground were families stretched on blankets feeding their kids goodies from the market, and my dog, Leo, was an uninvited visitor to several parties. Everyone was forgiving because we all were celebrating the sunny, 70 degree morning with the lime-green new leaves decorating the trees and the aromas wafting from the food stalls. Yes, I was smitten and still am. 

My first stop -- well, Leo's first stop -- was pulling my daughter and I to the Bennison's Bakery tent for a pretzel roll (how does he remember the exact location after a six month hiatus?).  I turned around to visit one of my favorite farmer booths, Mick Klug Farms, where I met his daughter, Abby Schilling, the new owner. As soon as I saw their fresh ramps,  I was inspired by my memory of an omelette last Sunday from Big Jones restaurant in Andersonville. It was the best omelette I ever ate with ramps, morel mushrooms and pecorino cheese that was perfectly cooked with no brown color. After I grabbed the ramps, I found beautiful crimini mushrooms at Ellis Family Farms along with asparagus for my next idea: dinner. My final stop was at Jake's Country Meats for their frozen walleye and my favorite bulk breakfast sausage. By this time, furry Leo had enough of the sun and we had to cut short our first of many visits to our idyllic farmers market this season.


Once home, I washed, trimmed and then diced a handful of ramps and mushrooms, and sliced some aged Parmesan cheese that I picked up from Eataly Chicago last week. Turning to my stove top, I pulled out my two favorite old friends ... my 9-inch Caphalon omelette pan, that looks like it's come through a few wars along, with a mini-saute pan that my sweet Aunt gave me as a gift during my single days along with an explanation that it would be "perfect for cooking just for one." (Sigh).  Anyway, with both pans heating over medium heat, I added a little olive to the small one, then added the vegetable mixture for a quick saute. I cracked and beat three eggs then added them to the larger pan which was waiting with a small amount of melted butter. I sprinkled a little kosher salt into each pan, then turned the heat down to medium low under the eggs. Using a rubber spatula, I gently pushed the egg mixture as it cooked towards the middle so that the uncooked liquid seeped into the space. Around the pan I went, gently pushing until it looked like the custard had lost the runny look. I added the sautéed ramps and mushrooms along with the Parmesan cheese from Eataly Chicago and a few leaves of marjoram that I happened to have from a Chicken Panzanella recipe I made this last week. I folded one omelette side into the middle, then the other, and then over low heat, I let the creation get acquainted while melting together. It was a brief step yet a long one - I was starving!


I wonder whether plating the omelette on my quirky blue-dotted plate or taking my first bite was my favorite part of my omelette experience today. I can't decide because the entire day has been a long stretch of wonderful after a cruel April. Try my recipe for the Springtime Omelette with Ramps and Mushrooms for a weekend brunch or a post-farmers market dinner, then you tell me which is your favorite.