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Welcome to Healthy Fare for Kids

Today we’re launching some of our favorite recipes curated from my home kitchen, around the web, and from celebrity chefs like Sarah Stegner, Rick Bayless, Bruce Sherman, Paul Virant, Beverly Kim, José Andrés and many more. As a passionate home chef and mom, I want to help you feed your family healthy, delicious meals every day … or at least a few days out of the week.


In 2011, I started Healthy Fare for Kids with my co-founder, Chef Sarah Stegner, a two-time James Beard award winner and fellow mom, and since then our focus has been to get healthy meals for kids everywhere. We asked many chefs in the Chicago area to help by creating at least one healthy and delicious meal for their menu following the Healthy Fare for Kids nutritional guidelines including child-sized portions.


These nutritional guidelines are similar to the USDA’s My Plate. However, we go one step further and ask that foods used in our recipes be grown and produced with sustainable practices. We ask for meats and poultry to be raised without the use of antibiotics. We want fresh, organic ingredients, grown and produced locally, to be your first choice. And we hope visiting your local farmer’s market will become part of your healthy lifestyle.


Along with many restaurants, our meals are now a part of the Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, Brookfield Zoo and Cibo Express Market in O’Hare International Airport. Today, the Healthy Fare for Kids logo sits next to menu items or on grab-and-go containers throughout Chicago where it is seen by over 40 million people each year.


Before I became a parent, I worked as a public health educator. I first learned about nutrition during college, and it’s been a life-long pursuit that has taken me all the way from culinary school to the middle of my kitchen. On some days, inspiration throws me into my happy place between the island and the stovetop. But on most days, even with my interest in food, it’s boredom, it’s frustration and it’s pretty thankless. And then … I get to do it all again tomorrow after clean-up!


Together, though, one day at a time, we’ll make meal planning and preparation a successful and rewarding activity for you and your kids. Feeding your children healthy food in proportional amounts is your best insurance for preventing a trail of chronic diseases from following them into adulthood. Isn’t that what we want for our children, the foundation of a happy life being a healthy one?


Come back to this website often, subscribe to our announcements, follow us on the Healthy Fare for Kids social media sites or leave me your email … or do it all. Over time, I’ll share plenty of new meal ideas and recipes from my home kitchen as well as from celebrity chefs, and perhaps from other home chefs like yourself, so your meal preparation will never be boring again.