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Happy Spring! Happy Birthday!

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Mom's Chocolate Cake

After a long winter here in Chicago, I just saw the first crocus bloom in my flower bed! April is all about warmer weather and birthday celebrations in our house. Eighteen years ago this weekend my daughter was born. I didn't know she was until several days later when we received a call from the adoption agency. I remember it taking me 15 minutes for this information to sink in, then sheer panic followed as I shopped for unfamiliar baby items at Target and as my husband and I shared stunned looks of anticipation while awaiting her delivery to our house. The best part was holding her in our arms, at last!  I write all this as she just confirmed her university selection and freshman dorm preferences for next fall.  Milestones, I guess that’s what they're called. We are at one.

And so begins the planning for our celebratory meal (my favorite part!).  Her request, aside from birthday cake, is my favorite steak: Balsamic and Rosemary-Marinated Florentine Steak from Food and Wine Magazine. It’s a porterhouse cut that’s super easy to prepare and super fast to cook. That’s why I’ll pair it with roasted potatoes and fresh asparagus so I won't be overloaded with cooking tasks and have more time to enjoy my company.  

The recipe begins in a ziploc bag where the 3-inch porterhouse, balsamic vinegar and rosemary visit for a day of marinating. The next step is searing the steak on the grill and popping it into the oven for a low roast in the oven for a half hour. And that’s all that’s needed for an elegant, phenomenally delicious porterhouse roast.

And while the birthday cake isn’t part of our everyday fare, it is for those special days. I’m making Mom’s Chocolate Cake - also from Food and Wine - a tried and true favorite.

Happy new beginnings all and I hope you enjoy this amazing recipe!