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Cure for the Polar Vortex

It's the last Wednesday in January and I live in Chicago, epicenter to the Polar Vortex of 2019. Today, and for the next couple days, the weather is forecast to be -20 degrees, that's below zero! As I type, I hear the irritating sound of the water dripping into the bathroom sink so the pipes don't freeze. The kitchen one is on too and after I finish typing, I'll make sure the upstairs faucets are doing the same. 


Other than driving my daughter to school yesterday morning, I haven't been outside most of this week. Instead, I've been in the kitchen having lots of fun making hearty food. Last night, I was finally successful making pasta dough that my niece beautifully turned into raviolis stuffed with spinach and cheese. I wasn’t very happy with the hunter's stew but was really excited about the apple tart. It was fabulous, especially as I watched the whipped cream melt over the hot piece of tart.  I suggested to my family that we start with the tart instead of the main course but everyone was more excited to get to the raviolis. I'd take tart over ravioli any day. And I made a soufflé on Sunday straight from The Art of French Cooking. Today, I may tackle bread. Cabin fever has hit me hard!


In my cooking frenzy, I happened on a surprisingly wonderful recipe, Pan Roasted Salmon with Tomato Vinaigrette, from Food & Wine magazine. So quick, elegant and delicious. In Food & Wine's photo, the salmon, adorned with a chucky tomato and caper sauce, may look quite simple but its flavor is memorable and that's my favorite type of recipe.


Whether you're in the polar vortex or not, enjoy the last days of January. Here's hoping for a warm and lovely year to you all!